Agricultural Land Stewardship

The Agricultural Land Stewardship Workgroup will address topics including: irrigated lands, water quality issues, agricultural water supply reliability, and agricultural water use efficiency. Workgroup coordinator: Kristi Jamason.


Conceptual Project Summaries – 6/16/15

On June 15, 2015, the RWMG reviewed Step 1 Conceptual Project Summary submittals for minimum eligibility requirements. Click here for a summarized list of projects determined eligible to submit the Step 2 IRWM Project Information Form.

Click here for the ALS Conceptual Project Summaries.


News and Information

On-Ranch Grazing Strategies: Context for the Rotational Grazing Dilemma, Roche, Click here for article.

Soil Suitability Index Identifies Potential Areas for Groundwater Banking on Agricultural Lands, A.T. O’Green, et .al. Click here for article.

Flooding Farms in the Winter May Help Replenish Groundwater, UC Davis. Click here for article.