2017 Sierra Water WorkGroup Summit – Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsorship Opportunities!

2017 Sierra Water Workgroup Summit 

July 24-25 in Kings Beach, CA

Over the past ten years and across the State, diverse groups have been coming together to create model Integrated Regional Water Management Plans (IRWMPs) to ensure reliable water supply, protect water quality and restore watersheds.  While in various stages of pre-planning, planning and implementation, IRWMPs now cover almost the entire State of California, all of the Sierra and Cascade Regions. The Sierra Water Workgroup mission is to assist regional efforts to protect and enhance water quality, water supply, and watershed health; to develop cooperative regional responses; and to facilitate reinvestment in our watersheds and water resources by all beneficiaries.

The 2017 Sierra Water Work Group Summit, sponsored by the State Bar of California, Environmental Law Section, the Sierra Nevada Conservancy, and the Sierra Nevada Alliance will take place in Kings Beach, CA. The Summit theme this year is Legal and Legislative Strategies to Protect our Headwaters.

Our 2017 keynote speaker Martha Davis is the Executive Manager for Policy Development at the Inland Empire Utilities Agency (IEUA). Ms. Davis is responsible for the Agency’s legislative and policy development programs, including special initiatives addressing renewable energy, water supply development, and water quality protection. Previously, Ms. Davis served as the Executive Director for Californians and the Land and the Mono Lake Committee.

This year’s Summit is a one and a half-day workshop focused on headwater issues state-wide. The theme “Legal and Legislative Strategies to Protecting our Headwaters”.

We will spend the first day framing questions and strategies regarding how Headwaters issues can be addressed with legislative and policy strategies. First we will focus on a legal panel of experts, then 4 main breakouts:

  • Unrepresented (DAC definition, human rights to water, tribal involvement);
  • Climate Change (water quality, water supply, forest management);
  • Integrated Regional Water Management Areas
  • Coordinated Advocacy for the Headwaters

On our second day we will have the opportunity to hear from legislative members/staff on how the State and Federal government is addressing headwater issues. Then there will be a faciltated discussion by all participants on the strategies developed by stakeholders, and how dollars are expected to follow those policy trends. This year’s summit will also include a field trip.


To find out more about the Sierra Water Workgroup event, and how to sponsor the event please contact SWWG Fiscal Manager Holly Jorgenson by email at holly@sacriver.org or Director Liz Mansfield by email lhmansfield@gmail.com or by phone (916)273-0488.