2016 Upper Feather River IRWM Plan

The Final Upper Feather River IRWM Plan Update 2016 was adopted by the RWMG on November 18, 2016. The Plan was approved by Department of Water Resources in December 2016.

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Complete Plan (without Appendices) – 14 MB file

Cover and Title Page
Table of Contents
Chapter 1 Introduction
Chapter 2 Draft Governance, Stakeholder Involvement, Coordination
Chapter 3 Region Description
Chapter 4 Regional Water Issues
Chapter 5 Goals and Objectives
Chapter 6 Resource Management Strategies
Chapter 7 Land Use and Water Planning
Chapter 8 Climate Change
Chapter 9 Project Development and Review Process
Chapter 10 Impacts and Benefits
Chapter 11 Plan Implementation, Performance, Monitoring, Data Management
Chapter 12 Finance
Chapter 13 Technical Analysis
Acronyms and Abbreviations

Appendix 1-1 Resolutions of Plan Adoption
Appendix 1-2 Upper Feather River 2016 DWR Compliance Review Letter
Appendix 1-3 Notices of Intent
Appendix 1-4 Draft Plan Public Comments
Appendix 2-1 Memoranda of Understanding
Appendix 2-2 Stakeholder Involvement Plan
Appendix 2-3 Tribal Engagement Plan
Appendix 3-1 Socioeconomic Assessment
Appendix 3-2 Forest and Water Balance Study
Appendix 6-1 RMS, Objectives, Issues Linkages
Appendix 7-1 General Plan Goals and Policies Review
Appendix 9-1 Project Solicitations
Appendix 9-2 Project Application Forms
Appendix 9-3 Projects – Agricultural Lands Stewardship
Appendix 9-3 Projects – Floodplains, Meadows, Waterbodies
Appendix 9-3 Projects – Municipal Services
Appendix 9-3 Projects – Tribal Advisory Committee
Appendix 9-3 Projects – Uplands and Forest
Appendix 10-1 Community Vulnerability Study
Appendix 13-1 Baseline Source Database


2005 Upper Feather River IRWM Plan

2005 Feather River Water Plan

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