SNC Funding Opportunities Newsletter – 7/23/18

Sierra Nevada Conservancy
August-September 2018

Funding Research Memos for fuel reduction, parks and trails, habitat preservation, environmental education, and other program areas are available on the SNC funding opportunities webpage. This is a great way to find funding opportunities for your projects!

Upcoming Grants that Might be of Interest:

Is your project a part of your local Integrated Regional Water Management Plan? This could be important, not just to get IRWM funding, but to get advances on the newly passed Prop 68-funded grants. Section 80150 of the CA Public Resources Code states that projects included and implemented in an IRWM Plan may be eligible for advance payment of any Prop 68 grant awards if the project proponent is a nonprofit organization and the grant is for less than $1 million. Advance payment of grant funds is rare and can be very helpful in managing cash flow, so this is worth pursuing.  Contact your local Regional Water Management Group (your County should be able to give you a contact) for more information, or contact the IRWM Regional Office nearest to you.

Your SNC Area Representative can help you set up an individual consultation with the SNC Funding Team to get advice about specific funding opportunities or general fund development strategies. To take advantage of this resource, contact your Area Representative.

Grant Writing Workshops are available to help build the capacity of organizations that serve the Sierra Nevada Region. If you are interested in organizing or attending a workshop, contact your Area Representative. Upcoming workshops are scheduled in Shasta and Amador counties, and additional workshops can be scheduled upon request.