Uplands and Forest Management

The Uplands and Forest Management Workgroup will address topics including: water pollution prevention (from wildfires, roads), watershed management (forest-water interactions), forest ecosystem restoration, upland recharge-area protection, flood risk reduction (through wildfire risk reduction), precipitation enhancement (better groundwater infiltration and less evapotranspiration through forest stand density reduction), etc. Workgroup coordinator: Leah Wills.


Conceptual Project Summaries – 6/16/15

On June 15, 2015, the RWMG reviewed Step 1 Conceptual Project Summary submittals for minimum eligibility requirements. Click here for a summarized list of projects determined eligible to submit the Step 2 IRWM Project Information Form.

Click here for the UF Conceptual Project Summaries.


News and Information

Mining Groundwater for Sustainable Yield – Bredehoeft and Alley

Forestry: Managing for the Future – California Agriculture

Warmer, drier climate altering forests statewide – Robert Sanders, UC Berkeley (Yubanet).

Forest Planning and IRWM Partnerships – Barry Hill, USFS (SWWG Water Summit Presentation)

Video about community-based prescribed burning projects being carried out by our neighbors to the Northwest, on the Klamath River.