Grant Funding Available – Sierra Nevada Meadow Restoration Program

In 2009, the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation launched its Sierra Nevada Meadow Restoration Program to replenish the health and biodiversity of the mountain meadow regions. The program focuses on creating the momentum to restore and protect thousands of acres of meadows in the Sierra Nevada, focused both on research and implementation projects. Key conservation actions for this program include:

  • Quantifying ecosystem service benefits: conducting hydrologic and water quality assessments to predict and measure changes in groundwater levels and downstream flow
  • Building organizational capacity: providing capacity-building in watersheds where restoration planning and implementation is limited
  • Repairing meadow degradation: supporting restoration projects in meadow systems in which it will be possible to quantify benefits
  • Ensuring long-term protection: supporting land protection and deploying best management practices
  • Garnering support of ranching community: improving information flow and providing technical assistance
  • Monitoring and documenting ecological and biological responses to meadow restoration

For the upcoming round of funding, pre-proposal applications that focus on benefits for, and recovery of, the Southwestern willow flycatcher, Yosemite toad, Lahontan cutthroat trout, and/or Eagle Lake rainbow trout are specifically encouraged. In addition, pre-proposal applicants with projects for restoration of priority meadows that have the potential to amplify benefits associated with restoration of fire-scarred areas on California’s national forests are encouraged to contact the program lead.

Pre-proposals are due October 13. Application information can be found here.