California Water Plan eNews – 12/13/17

This week’s California Water Plan eNews includes:

  • Workshop for two chapters of Update 2018 set for the first week of the new year
  • Strategic Growth Council awards $34 million in grants for land conservation projects
  • Dozens of watershed restoration projects receive funding from CDFW
  • Science board seeking public comments on two Delta documents
  • Annual water law symposium will focus on California’s infrastructure
  • Water 101 Workshop will include optional bus tour of the Delta

Final Report on the Upper Middle Fork Project – Ceyhan, Ishida, Kavvas, Ohara

The Upper Middle Fork Project (UMF) project pilots coordinated implementation by two of the IRWM Plan signatories. Plumas County and the Sierra Valley Groundwater Management District each manage significant portions of the project area. The Upper Middle Fork project pilots the integration of local water management knowledge, local land and water use authorities, and the best available science to further the capacity to practice sustainable resource stewardship at the regional scale.

The goals of this project are:
1) to investigate climate scenarios and their effect on groundwater storage levels, summer base flows, and flood flows within the Upper Middle Fork watershed;
2) to develop a surface water/groundwater water budget that can be utilized to help coordinate the future management actions of the local organizations on the Upper Middle Fork watershed land/water resources.

The full report can be downloaded here (85 MB).

The project was funded by a Department of Water Resources Proposition 50 Grant.

California Water Plan eNews – 12/6/17

This week’s California Water Plan eNews includes:

  • Sustainable management BMPs will be introduced at three public meetings
  • Conservation board approves $2.6 million in funding for fish and wildlife projects
  • Funding available for watershed project proposals submitted to Reclamation
  • California Water Commission sets two-day meeting for next week in Sacramento
  • Online survey will help identify electricity-saving technologies for California
  • Water federation posts fact sheet on benefits of infrastructure rating system
  • How the Chesapeake Bay watershed is preparing to deal with climate change