California Water Plan eNews – 5/16/18

This week’s California Water Plan eNews includes:

  • Paleoclimatology will be the focus of this year’s extreme precipitation symposium
  • Discussing the lessons learned from last year’s California wildfires
  • OEHHA report examines dozens of climate change indicators in California
  • Remote attendance is still an option for those interested in science symposium
  • Grant applications being accepted for large-scale restoration projects
  • East vs. West: webinar will examine various instream flow policies
  • July workshop will take aim at strengthening coastal resilience

CA Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) Proposition 1: Watershed Restoration Grant Program

The CA Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) Proposition 1 Watershed Restoration Grant Program Solicitation Notice has been released. The due date for the application is June 13, 2018.

The purpose of the Watershed Restoration Grant Program is to build resiliency and address immediate issues from the aftermath of recent wildfires, as well as address long-standing environmental challenges, by supporting water quality, river, and watershed protection and restoration projects of statewide importance outside the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta. Funds will support planning or implementation projects that address at least one of the following priorities:

  • Central Valley salmon resilience and recovery: shovel-ready implementation projects that focus on Central Valley anadromous fish habitat restoration and that benefit salmonids and other native and anadromous fishes
  • Large-scale wildfire recovery response: planning and implementation projects in fire-damaged watersheds that will contribute to restoration and recovery of stream and riparian habitats, prevent erosion, protect and improve water quality, and prevent potential future negative ecosystem effects
  • Restoration project implementation: shovel-ready implementation projects that contribute to the recovery and conservation of special status species and protect, restore, or enhance important ecosystems identified in the California Water Action Plan (CWAP)

Examples of eligible projects include:

  • Installation of fish screens
  • Removal of fish barriers and dams
  • Prevention of upslope erosion
  • Restoration of riparian habitat
  • Improvement of water quality for aquatic and riparian species
  • Restoration of coastal wetland ecosystems

A workshop for this grant will be held on May 30. For more information see: