SNC Funding Newsletter August/September 2019

Sierra Nevada Conservancy


August & September 2019

Funding Research Memos for fuel reduction, parks and trails, habitat preservation, environmental education, and other program areas are available on the SNC funding opportunities webpage. This is a great way to find funding opportunities for your projects!

Upcoming Grants That Might be of Interest:

Does your community need help with climate change adaptation planning? 

EcoAdapt, in partnership with Virginia Tech, is offering support for up to eight communities to undertake a stakeholder-driven climate change vulnerability assessment and adaptation planning workshop (1-2 days). They are looking for interested communities who are creating, updating, or implementing a local plan (e.g., comprehensive/general, hazard mitigation, neighborhood). The goal of these workshops is to build local capacity for climate change adaptation, improve understanding about local climate change vulnerabilities, and develop implementable adaptation responses. Following the workshop, each community will receive a climate adaptation action plan summarizing local climate vulnerabilities and impacts, as well as adaptation strategies and actions designed to minimize vulnerabilities and increase community resilience. Application forms should be submitted by August 30.

Your SNC Area Representative can help you set up an individual consultation with the SNC Funding Team to get advice about specific funding opportunities or general fund development strategies. To take advantage of this resource, contact your Area Representative.

Grant Writing Workshops are available to help build the capacity of organizations that serve the Sierra Nevada region. If you are interested in organizing or attending a workshop, contact your Area Representative.

Wildlife Conservation Board Funding Opportunity

Stream Flow Enhancement Program – 2019 Proposal Solicitation Notice

The Wildlife Conservation Board’s 2019 Proposal Solicitation Notice (PSN) for the Stream Flow Enhancement Program is now available. Proposals for multi-benefit projects that result in enhanced stream flow are encouraged. Enhanced stream flow is defined as a change in the amount, timing, and/or quality of the water flowing down a stream, or a portion of a stream, to benefit fish and wildlife. The primary focus is on enhancing flow in streams that support anadromous fish; support special status, threatened, endangered, or at-risk species; or provide resilience to climate change. Proposals must be received by 5:00 p.m. Pacific Daylight Time, on September 10, 2019. For questions, contact the Stream Flow Enhancement Program at