Taylorsville Mill Race Farmers Dam Resurfacing

The Taylorsville Mill Race irrigation system can trace its beginnings to the founding of the community of Taylorsville by Jobe Taylor. The original main ditch was dug by Chinese labor in the 1850s and provided water to power a grist and a lumber mill operated by Jobe Taylor. Area farmers utilized the tail waterù from the mills to irrigate crops and pastureland. When the mills ceased operation; farmers and ranchers continued to utilize the ditch system and water rights. Now part of the Indian Creek Decree (No. 4185); the Taylorsville Mill Race represents the largest diversion right (No. 54) within the decree and its associated watermaster service area. There are eleven shares or water rights held by landowners that make up the non-profit Taylorsville Mill Race Group; irrigating approximately 3;000 acres.

Historically an earthen dam was built prior to the irrigation season that diverted water in Indian Creek for the Taylorsville Mill Race diversion; however; in the 1940s or 1950s (exact year not known); a more permanent cement dam was built that provided for a more reliable system and less disruption and damage to the stream flow and the adjacent banks of Indian Creek. This structure is maintained by the non-profit group of users who are organized under the name of the Taylorsville Mill Race Group.

In 1986; the group undertook the work of resurfacing the face of the dam to repair damage and ensure its continued viability. This project was completed by members of the group with significant amounts of in-kind labor and donated expertise and equipment; but still cost the participants $34; 400 (Holly Foster interview with Charlie Neer; C. Neer Construction Co.; May 30; 2015). The Mill Race Group has identified the need to resurface the dam again in the near future (within the next 10 years).
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Taylorsville Mill Race Group sponsored by Feather River Resource Conservation District
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Brian Kingdon
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Ensuring the long-term viability of the ag operations that depend on the Taylorsville Mill Race Dam has multiple public benefits; including improving the largest economic driver in the region.
DWR Resource Management Strategies
Agricultural land stewardship, Conjunctive management, Conveyance - regional/local, Economic incentives, Ecosystem restoration, Flood management, Groundwater remediation/aquifer remediation, Land use planning and management, Outreach and engagement, Recharge area protection, Sediment management, Surface storage - regional/local, System reoperation, Urban storm water runoff management, Water and culture
Project Objectives
Address economic challenges of municipal service providers to serve customers, Address water resources and wastewater needs of DACs and Native Americans, Build communication and collaboration among water resources stakeholders, Coordinate management of recharge areas and protect groundwater, Effectively address climate change adaptation and/or mitigation in water resources management, Enhance public awareness and understanding of water management issues and needs, Improve coordination of land use and water resources planning, Improve efficiency and reliability of water supply and infrastructure, Maximize agricultural, environmental, and municipal water use efficiency, Protect, restore, and enhance the quality of surface and groundwater resources, Reduce potential for catastrophic wildland fires in the region, Work with counties/communities/groups to maintain capacity for water-related projects, Work with DWR to develop strategies and actions for the operation of SWP facilities
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Assist the region in adapting to effects of climate change, Disadvantaged Communities, Drought Preparedness, Generation or reduction of greenhouse gas emissions (e.g. green technology), Native American Tribal Communities
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