Red Clover/McReynolds Creek Restoration Project Landowner Agreement

Red Clover/McReynolds Creek Restoration Project Landowner Agreement
In 2006, 3.3 miles of gullied stream channel immediately downstream of a 1985 project on Red Clover Creek was eliminated. Stream flows were returned to remnant channels at original meadow/channel elevations utilizing the 'pond and plug' technique, restoring the functionality of 400 acres of effected floodplain within Red Clover Valley, along Red Clover and McReynolds Creeks on both private and public lands.
The primary project goal was to improve the water and sediment retention functions of the watershed, with objectives focusing on reduced bank erosion, improved water quality, improved fish and wildlife habitat, reduced flood flows, and increased base flows.
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Post-project monitoring completed in 2007 documented sediment retention, increases in vegetative and waterfowl production, and groundwater levels, and decreases in water temperatures. Project monitoring will continue in 2008. Primary funding ($1,101,000) was provided through the State Water Resources Control Board Proposition 13 CALFED Watershed Program, with contributions from Department of Water Resources, Natural Resources Conservation Service, U.S. Forest Service-Plumas National Forest, the landowner, and volunteers.
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