California's Fourth Climate Change Assessment: Proposed Non-Energy Research Portfolio

California's Fourth Climate Change Assessment: Proposed Non-Energy Research Portfolio
California's leadership in climate change policy is built on a strong foundation of research addressing the impacts of climate change on the state, as well as strategies to dramatically reduce greenhouse gas emissions. In turn, the state's research responds directly to policy needs related to safeguarding California from these impacts. California's recently released Climate Change Research Plan articulates near-term climate change research needs to ensure that the state stays on track to meet its climate goals. The Fourth Climate Change Assessment is the first inter-agency effort to implement a substantial portion of the Climate Change Research Plan. The Resources Agency, in collaboration with the Governor's Office of Planning and Research and the Climate Action Team (CAT) Research Working Group, has developed a proposed portfolio of projects for California's Fourth Climate Change Assessment. This document identifies key research themes, describes specific projects included in each theme, and indicates funding allocations for the non-energy sectors. Additionally, this document indicates how the proposed research portfolio will be integrated with a suite of energy-related studies that will also support the Fourth Assessment but draw on different funding sources from the projects identified here. This document is ultimately intended to serve as the basis for the request for proposal (RFP) to be released by the Natural Resources Agency. The Natural Resources Agency anticipates release of this RFP during the first quarter of 2015.
The Fourth Assessment builds on the success of three prior assessments to address California-specific policy questions and information needs detailed below. This latest assessment is being supported through two funding sources, one managed by the California Energy Commission (CEC) and another by CNRA. The former focuses on energy-related research needs and the latter on non-energy research needs. The proposed research focuses on the CNRA-managed, non-energy funding stream.
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