City of Loyalton Municipal Service Review

City of Loyalton Municipal Service Review
Prepared for the Sierra LAFCO, this report is a regional municipal services review—a state-required comprehensive study of services within a designated geographic area. This MSR focuses on local agencies and other municipal service providers that provide municipal services, including water, wastewater, fire and EMS, park and recreation, healthcare, cemetery, street lighting, and solid waste services.
This MSR is intended to support preparation and update of the Sphere of Influence, in accordance with the provisions of the Cortese-Knox-Hertzberg Act. The objective of this Municipal Service Review (MSR) is to develop recom¬menda¬tions that will promote more efficient and higher quality public service patterns, identify areas for public service improvements; and assess the adequacy of service pro¬vision as it relates to determination of appropriate sphere of influence boundaries.
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Sierra LAFCO
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