Disadvantaged Communities Mapping Tool

Disadvantaged Communities Mapping Tool
DWR has developed a mapping tool to help determine which communities in an IRWM region meet the DAC median household income (MHI) definition. The maps and GIS files are derived from the US Census Bureau's American Community Survey (ACS) and are compiled for the 5-year period 2006-2010. DAC status is determined based on the DAC definition provided in DWR's Proposition 84 and 1E IRWMGuidelines, dated August, 2010. An MHI of less than $48,706 is the DAC threshold (80% of the Statewide MHI). Geographic Information System (GIS) files used to generate maps are provided for those with GIS capabilities.
To determine which communities in an IRWM region meet the definition of a disadvantaged community.
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California Department of Water Resources
DAC, Disadvantaged Communities
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