800,000 Gallon Water Tank Project

The general tasks that will be completed are:
1. Preparation of a detailed site survey which would include a boundary determination of the existing parcel (i.e. no right of way acquisition will be required) and topographic details to ensure accurate grading for the placement of the new tank. Cultural features; including on-site District infrastructure; would be shown/determined.
2. A Plumas County Grading Permit will be obtained. CEQA compliance will be determined with the permit process. It is anticipated that a Categorical Exemption (15304 ? minor alteration to land) will be found as an appropriate determination. Best management practices will be employed in the grading design.
3. Plans; Specifications and Engineer?s estimate will be prepared for both the site grading and the steel tank. Tank specifications will note compliance with all state requirements.
4. Project solicitation; bidding and administration would lead to a completed project
Sponsoring Agency
East Quincy Services District (EQSD)
Primary Contact
Michael Green
Contact Email
Project Number
Matching Funds
Total Cost
DAC Benefit
Project Category
Municipal Services
DWR Resource Management Strategies
Agricultural Water Use Efficiency, Economic incentives
Project Objectives
Address economic challenges of agricultural producers, Reduce potential for catastrophic wildland fires in the region
Project Status
Potential Benefits
Drought Preparedness
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