Meter Replacement

SPUD has old meters of differing makes and models with unreliable accuracy. Reading becomes difficult due to snow accumulation and rodent damage. It has been difficult to hire and insure a meter reader. Remote read meters with smart technology will allow us to greatly increase water conservation with accurate and immediate leak detection ability.
Sponsoring Agency
Sierraville Public Utility District
Primary Contact
Nanci Davis
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Matching Funds
None listed
Total Cost
DAC Benefit
Project Category
Municipal Services
DWR Resource Management Strategies
Drinking water treatment and distribution, Economic incentives
Project Objectives
Address economic challenges of municipal service providers to serve customers, Address water resources and wastewater needs of DACs and Native Americans, Build communication and collaboration among water resources stakeholders, Encourage municipal service providers to participate in regional water management actions, Enhance public awareness and understanding of water management issues and needs, Improve coordination of land use and water resources planning, Improve efficiency and reliability of water supply and infrastructure, Maximize agricultural, environmental, and municipal water use efficiency, Work with counties/communities/groups to maintain capacity for water-related projects
Project Status
Construction Implementation
Potential Benefits
Disadvantaged Communities, Generation or reduction of greenhouse gas emissions (e.g. green technology)
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