Mountain Meadows Fencing

The proposed project includes the installation of approximately 10 miles of fence in
order to exclude livestock from active stream channels. The riparian fencing would be one
component of a larger effort by participating landowners to restore the historic creek channels,
improve pasture management, increase irrigation efficiency and improve forage conditions on
lands within the project area.
Sponsoring Agency
W.M. Beaty & Associates
Primary Contact
Ryan Hilburn
Contact Email
Project Number
Matching Funds
None listed
Total Cost
DAC Benefit
DWR Resource Management Strategies
Agricultural land stewardship, Ecosystem restoration, Pollution prevention, Sediment management, Watershed management
Project Objectives
Protect, restore, and enhance the quality of surface and groundwater resources, Restore natural hydrologic functions
Project Status
Final Design
Potential Benefits
Generation or reduction of greenhouse gas emissions (e.g. green technology), Native American Tribal Communities
Project Owner

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