Almanor Basin Watershed runoff assessment and mitigation

Goal: Protect; maintain and improve water quality in the Lake Almanor Basin. The Lake Almanor Watershed Group (LAWG; formerly the Almanor Basin Watershed Advisory Committee) has addressed water quality; land use; and critical habitat issues in the Lake Almanor Basin since 2004. A key aspect of this work has been monitoring water quality. The work proposed here is to address the contribution of upstream sources and run-off from roads; golf courses; lawns and other surfaces around homes and developed areas by 1) exploring current practices used in other lake side communities to minimize impact of activity; 2) develop recommendations to address modification of current practices; 3) develop and engineer plans for addressing identified problems. Although past work has successfully been implemented; and more public support garnered for watershed stewardship activities; there is an imminent need for large-scale reductions in non-point sources of nutrient deposition into the Lake. This project will build upon established community connections and previous research to develop action plans to reduce erosion; sedimentation and contaminated nutrient run-off and deposition into the Lake Almanor.
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Sierra Institute for Community and Environment/ Lake Almanor Watershed Group
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Charles Plopper
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DWR Resource Management Strategies
Ecosystem restoration, Flood management, Forest management, Land use planning and management, Matching water quality to water use, Outreach and engagement, Pollution prevention, Sediment management, Urban storm water runoff management, Water and culture, Water-dependent recreation, Watershed management
Project Objectives
Address water resources and wastewater needs of DACs and Native Americans, Build communication and collaboration among water resources stakeholders, Continue to actively engage in FERC relicensing within the Region, Effectively address climate change adaptation and/or mitigation in water resources management, Encourage municipal service providers to participate in regional water management actions, Enhance public awareness and understanding of water management issues and needs, Improve coordination of land use and water resources planning, Improve efficiency and reliability of water supply and infrastructure, Protect, restore, and enhance the quality of surface and groundwater resources, Work with counties/communities/groups to maintain capacity for water-related projects, Work with DWR to develop strategies and actions for the operation of SWP facilities
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Potential Benefits
Assist the region in adapting to effects of climate change, Disadvantaged Communities, Drought Preparedness, Native American Tribal Communities
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