Round Valley/Keddie Handthin

The project includes 375 acres of handthinning; piling and burning to reduce hazardous ladder and surface fuels in and around the Round Valley Reservoir and the Wildland urban interface east of the reservoir proximate to the community of Greenville. The areas proposed for treatment include NFS lands within the Greenville Municipal Water District (near Round Valley Reservoir) and within the lower Wolf Creek watershed which is a Plumas NF priority watershed classified as Functioning at Risk├╣ watershed.

High densities of small and intermediate-sized trees and heavy fuel loads within forested stands contribute to hazardous accumulations of surface; ladder; and canopy fuels within the project area. These conditions are highly susceptible to crown fire initiation and spread under fire weather conditions; and increase the potential for high-severity stand-replacing fire events. This potential fire behavior leads to increased risk to communities and forest and riparian ecosystems within and adjacent to the Round Valley reservoir watershed; the municipal water supply for the community of Greenville.
Sponsoring Agency
Plumas National Forest
Primary Contact
Ryan Tompkins
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DWR Resource Management Strategies
Ecosystem restoration, Forest management, Pollution prevention, Recharge area protection, Sediment management, Watershed management
Project Objectives
Address water resources and wastewater needs of DACs and Native Americans, Build communication and collaboration among water resources stakeholders, Effectively address climate change adaptation and/or mitigation in water resources management, Improve coordination of land use and water resources planning, Improve efficiency and reliability of water supply and infrastructure, Protect, restore, and enhance the quality of surface and groundwater resources, Reduce potential for catastrophic wildland fires in the region, Restore natural hydrologic functions, Work with counties/communities/groups to maintain capacity for water-related projects
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Construction Contracting
Potential Benefits
Assist the region in adapting to effects of climate change, Disadvantaged Communities, Drought Preparedness, Native American Tribal Communities
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