Automatic meter reading (ARM) project

Replacing the service meter reading system with an automatic reading system would conserve groundwater and protect and improve the water supply reliability per the IRWM Plan Objectives by providing more accurate and timely usage data. With such data; EQSD could audit the water usage and more readily assess water system loss.
The general tasks that will be completed are:
1. Replace the existing water meters with the proposed Sensus I-Perl meters.
2. Install meter reading equipment.
3. Project solicitation; bidding and administration would lead to a completed project.
Sponsoring Agency
East Quincy Services District (EQSD)
Primary Contact
Michael Green
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Project Number
Matching Funds
Total Cost
DAC Benefit
Project Category
Municipal Services
DWR Resource Management Strategies
Groundwater remediation/aquifer remediation, Pollution prevention
Project Objectives
Improve efficiency and reliability of water supply and infrastructure
Project Status
Potential Benefits
Assist the region in adapting to effects of climate change
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