Forest Management and Watershed Science Symposium

Forest Management and Watershed
Science Symposium
Presentations included: Management Implications of Altered Fire Regimes and Changes in Forest Structure
Forest Restoration on a Landscape Scale, and Fire History of Riparian Areas in Mixed-Conifer Forest
Long-Term Stream Monitoring To Evaluate the Effects of Logging in Near-Stream Areas
Snow Pack Accumulations and Water Dynamics in Conifer Forests — Implications for Water Yield
Effects of Ecosystem-Based Forest Management — Results of On-the-Ground Assessments
The goal of this symposium is to better understand and promote effective forest management to enhance watershed function and forest ecosystem services such as resiliency to wildfire, water availability and habitat. You will learn about results and implications from the newest research and have the opportunity to ask questions of top forest and watershed researchers in the West.
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Hosted by UC Cooperative Extension — Lassen County
Ecosystem-Based Forest Management, Fire History, Fire Regimes, Logging, Mixed-Conifer, Monitoring, Riparian, Runoff, Snowpack, Water, Wildfire
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