Big Valley Management Area Basin Management Objective Development Guidance Document

Big Valley Management Area Basin Management Objective Development Guidance Document
Groundwater resources have long played an important role in the development, growth, and sustainability of Lassen County and its residents. It is a source of drinking water, irrigation water for the agricultural community, and supports important environmental needs through its interaction with surface water and related habitat. Local groundwater users and the County work collaboratively to manage and protect groundwater resources for current and future generations. However, driven by evolving demands for groundwater within and adjacent to Lassen County, groundwater management continues to increase in complexity and scope; specifically, past and current projects to develop and export groundwater in Nevada from interstate basins shared with Lassen County may impact Lassen County residents reliant on these groundwater basins. As a result, the Board of Supervisors (BoS) directed development of a Groundwater Management Plan (GWMP) for Lassen County. The GWMP formalizes and directs the County's commitment to pursue sustainable and beneficial groundwater development and use by its residents. The GWMP also clearly articulates the County's expectations for groundwater management by entities beyond the County's jurisdiction and share groundwater resources with the County. The GWMP directs the County to develop Basin Management Objectives (BMOs). BMOs represent a proactive method of groundwater management that is supported by the BoS, staff, and local groundwater users who participated in the development of the GWMP.
This document presents the process for developing BMOs for the Big Valley management area. This document contains details about the BMO program, groundwater information on use and monitoring, recommendations for key wells and action levels for use by management areastakeholders to select key monitoring wells and set action levels for the selected key wells, and general water quality and subsidence information and recommendations. The BMO program detects declines in groundwater levels that, when exceeded, call for actions to be taken to investigate, notify, and remedy the decline, as appropriate. The County will be holding meetings in each management area to discuss the BMO program and to identify and formalize selection of key wells and action levels for each management area. The County desires that BMOs reflect local stakeholders' in-depth knowledge and management objectives for thEIR management area. Ultimately, it is the County's desire to have BMOs that are understood and supported by groundwater users in the respective management area.
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